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Jan 4, 2021

C Company veterans, from left, John Zimmer, Cecil Brock, Buck Hardee, Ralph Tambaro and Tony D'Arpino

War As My Father's Tank Battalion Knew It is a podcast about the 712th Tank Battalion in particular and World War II in general, or maybe it's about General Patton in general and the Greatest Generation in particular. Whatever it's about, every episode is a piece in the ten thousand piece jigsaw of history, in the words and voices of the people who made it. In this and the previous episode, Tony D'Arpino of Milton, Massachusetts talks about driving a Sherman tank from Normandy to Czechoslovakia, seeing action in Normandy and Le Mans and Chambois and the Battle of the Bulge and the Siegfried Line.

This interview is included in "The Tanker Tapes," available at eBay

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