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Dec 9, 2020

This episode concludes the John Sweren story. It's a departure from my father's tank battalion but is well worth a listen, as it covers many of the universal themes of World War II: The post traumatic stress, the brushes with fate, the concept of heroism, the uplifting moments of humor in the darkest of circumstances, the importance of family and home and a future to return to. John's story of growing up on a farm with 2,000 chickens in the throes of the Great Depression, and of traveling the world as a paper mill executive later in life, are as compelling as his experiences at 14,000 feet and on the march across Germany.

John Sweren at monument dedication

John at the dedication of the Hitch Hiker memorial

The Hitch Hiker memorial

The memorial in Fierville-Bray, Normandy

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